Love South Tucson

The City of South Tucson is a magical place. Enjoy this short video exploring all the things that make the city great.

Thank you to all of the people who participated in the creation of this important salutation to the City of South Tucson: Healthy South Tucson Task Force; John Valenzuela Youth Center, especially Gloria Hamelitz; House of Neighborly Service for all their support, but especially Michele Orduna and Josefina Ahumada; Terry and Kenyon Gee at T & T Market; American and Foreign Auto Glass; C & K Auto and Truck; all of the workers at Stewart Boot Company, and extra special thanks to Linda and Victor Borg; Gloo Factory for hosting us for a day, but extra thanks to Maritza Broce; Garden Kitchen, Jennifer Parlin and Kimberly Koogler, but all the other great volunteers and staff who make that place grow; Safos Dance Company for their fine programming in the City; Lourdes Matus and Yvonne; our fantastic folklorico dancers, Alex and Rene Sandoval, Leslie Michelle Lucero, and Ozella Contreras; Cesar, Alissa, and Jasmine Aguirre; Saul Teso; Emilio Diaz, Sr.; Joy Wilcox; and Renee Bibby.

The creative team behind the video is Creatista/Red Star Studios, visit them at Special thanks to Scott Griessel.

Music by Terraformation.

This video was made possible by the generous support by NeighborWorks America.