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Nationwide Community TV provides a web and mobile showcase for towns and communities to share news, events, special interest stories, business profiles and promotions with the public, much like having a community television station – Informative video clips are available on the web and mobile ANYTIME.

Places to Go – Things to See and Do…

Nationwide Community TV presents video clips featuring local happenings, events, landmarks, attractions, shopping, restaurants and tourism. Users can BROWSE BY STATE or search for clips by Name, Town, State, Zip Code, and Keyword – making it easy to find interesting video clips about your local community or a place you’d like to visit.

Nationwide Community TV provides a medium for advertisers to reach their local community and beyond with professionally produced informational “Spotlight Clips.”  Social Media Tools included for increased viewership, maximum exposure, impressions and impact!

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Now every town can have a Community TV channel on www.Community.video
Community Governments (cities, towns, municipalities, boroughs, townships, counties, states, etc.) can have their own channel on Nationwide Community TV.
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Nationwide Community TV is looking for Videographers to tell local stories in your community… Become a LOCAL AFFILIATE.

Affiliates create and upload video clips about their communities offering viewers an opportunity to share in news and events of the region, creating opportunity for members, businesses and the public to present their stories and to enlighten and motivate the public – much like TV.

MAKE MONEY creating Community Video clips

We’re adding new affiliates to produce local clips in cities and towns around the country for communities to share their unique town qualities, landmarks, events, shopping and business centers and regional lifestyle stories… In the meantime, we will present clips from other sources that capture the spirit of our mission, to feature “Places to Go – Things to See and Do!”

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