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Nationwide Community TV is designed to be a Revenue Generating tool for Video Professionals.

Videographers and Filmmakers use the site to sell video production services to a whole new tier of clients – – Local Towns and Municipalities, Attractions, Restaurants, Businesses and other Retail clients needing professionally produced media who may not be candidates for Broadcast or Cable TV advertising – Clips are available worldwide on the Web and Mobile – 24/7 – and include Video Marketing tools to ensure clips get viewed and shared.

Nationwide Community TV provides a web and mobile showcase for towns and communities to share news, events, special interest, business profiles and promotions with the public, much like having a community television station – Informative video clips are available on the web and mobile – OTT coming soon.

Nationwide Community TV presents video clips featuring information on local happenings, events, landmarks, attractions, shopping, restaurants and tourism. Users can search for clips by Town, State, Zip Code, Name and Keyword – making it easy to find interesting video clips about your local community or a place you’re planning to visit.

Featuring Regional Events, News and Special Interest Stories about your community and others… for informative video clips featuring community information, shopping, travel and more…

Nationwide Community TV serves several distinct types of users:

Viewers watch video clips about their communities and other places nationwide – Clips highlight Places to Go – Things to See and Do! in towns and communities across the country.

Communities get to show off what’s going on in town; highlight activities, events, where to eat, shopping, sightseeing and more.

Businesses have a cost-effective method to use professional video for online promotion, customer education and sales – video Spotlight Ads can be embedded on merchant’s website and  include Social Media Marketing Tools to promote and share clips for increased exposure. Additional features include Player Call-to-Action, Lead Generation, Engagement Graphs, Google Analytics.

Video Creators have a tool to open up new markets, to attract clients for unlimited storytelling and business opportunities. The business paradigm is the same as commercial TV: Create interesting community clips that attract viewers, advertisers use that audience to promote their message – video Affiliates generate revenue by servicing a whole new tier of video marketers.


– Clips are short-form: one to three minutes

– Upload: 1080P (24 or 30) MP4

Community Clips feature Places to Go – Things to See and Do! (not of commercial nature)

Spotlight clips are Sponsor Paid – (more informational than commercial – explanation of products and services, demonstrations, tips, unique qualities, features, etc.) Keeping within the Network theme of “Featuring Places to Go – Things to See and Do!”

Affiliates bill Sponsor/client for Creative Production Services (Affiliate Revenue)* and an additional Network Fee to cover advertising hosting, bandwidth and maintenance. The $300 network fee is split between the Affiliate and the Network – representing a 50% sales commission to Affiliate.

Affiliates identify a thriving town center or community business district – Create a few short “Community Stories” – Create a page for your town or community – Use the included “Social Media Tools” to promote your community clips. Contact local government, local business organizations, promote your efforts, identify businesses with Spotlight Clip opportunities. 

Promote your Town Page using the included Social Media Tools – It will blossom like a flower!

Sales Tip:
We provide sales materials to help attract Spotlight Customers, such as

– Social Media Package Flyer for “Spotlight Clip” Production

Packages to include: Program Concept and Design, Production and Editing, Encoding, Uploading to Nationwide Community TV / –

– Clips are easily embedded on Client’s web site – there are no ads, banners or clip suggestions to distract or direct your customers away from site.

– Clips are available 24/7 – online and mobile – where viewers are looking for products and services or Places to Go, Things to See and Do! in towns and communities across the country.

– Included Social Media Marketing Tools allow easy sharing by Link, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – Upload clips to – hit a couple of buttons and your clips will be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – No Ads, no logo – just clips.

Suggested / Posted Price for Spotlight Clips are $1,000 to $3,000 for Spotlight Production / ($1000/finished minute – Affiliate Keeps 100% of production charge)

Spotlight Clip – Network Ad fee:
Retail Advertising Fee to Client is $300/yr. per clip
Network and Affiliate share Ad Fee revenue:
(Affiliates keep $150/yr. per clip as commission)
Nationwide Community TV receives Network Ad Fee of $150/yr. per Spotlight Clip as network / hosting / management fee

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