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Nationwide Community TV provides a medium for advertisers to reach their local community and beyond with professionally produced informational “Spotlight” clips.

SPOTLIGHT Ads are informational / promotional clips produced by Local Affiliates. The Network Fee for airing Spotlight Clips is $300/year. The cost of Professional Clip production is additional and is available from local Affiliates.

Spotlight Clips will play on Nationwide Community TV and include the following Social Media Tools for increased viewership, maximum exposure, impressions and impact:

– Clips are easily embedded to play seamlessly on your business website. No worries about hosting video on your site.

– Clips end with a “Call-to-Action” graphic and button to allow the viewer to sign-up for more information and contact with merchant.

– Social Media Sharing: One Button Push to share on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr – easy sharing on other social media platforms.

– One Button Push to Share Link by Email.

– Email Capture, Viewer Stats and Google Analytics are also included in Spotlight Packages.

There are no other ads on Nationwide Community TV
– No Redirection of viewers at end of clips – No suggestions about watching your competitor’s ads.

For information about advertising, news and event coverage or the affiliate program contact  Nationwide Community TV

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